a little about me...

My dad gave me my first box camera at 7 when we were traveling the horse show circuit. I knew by the middle of high school that I was going to have a career in photography and creating imagery was my passion. I loved growing up with 3 older sisters who were all experiencing the 1960's. Lasting impressions of big hair, girls fighting over pink hair tape, wigs,  hot rod cars, road trips skiing and camping, horse shows,  were the roots to future obsessions to collecting vintage finds from that era and drawn to anything visually retro. My teens were swept up in the 70's, high waisted pants, long stringy hair, rock and roll, texture and color. I have a theory that one of the best years of american design was 1967, amazing cars, fashion, appliances. My first car was a 1967 red convertible VW Bug named Rose...

A native Pacific Northwest girl I grew up in Bellevue, went to school in Colorado and Santa Barbara and have been fortunate to go on assignment to China, Argentina, France, Mexico and across the US. 

My photography style has always been simple, about the light and letting amazing happen.  From the beginning of building my commercial photography business and fine art , I wanted to get back to what compelled me to be a photographer when I started back in high school, inspired by Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Imogen Cunningham, Norman Parkinson among other great editorial and fashion photographers. I hit pay dirt when I became a Rodeo Queen on a dare in Hailey, Idaho in 1985.  A year as Miss Days of the Old West shaped the next chapter and the beginning of my career as a photographer and my series of fine art.

 In 1986 I started a photographic series on Rodeo Queens which led to a 20 year series following the rodeo circuit called Faded Icons of the West. Most of this series was shot on medium and large format film in a Hasselblad camera. All the prints smaller than 16x 20 were printed by me, sepia toned silver fiber prints. 

I truly believe that as an artist, one has to have a body of work that is for themselves. This collection and the years on the road and the folks I met along the way has been invaluable to me as an artist, not to mention it kept me in humor and added to the vintage cowboy boot collection . 

Thank you for reading, Happy Trails!


Jules Frazier is a fine art and commercial photographer based in Seattle,Washington

Jules Frazier is a fine art and commercial photographer based in Seattle,Washington